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December 03, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Image sensors improve occupant monitoring in cars
With the introduction of the various levels of automated driving, systems for monitoring the driver are moving into the spotlight, because the "electronic chauffeur" needs to know at all times whether the human driver has just turned his attention to the road or is pursuing other things. STMicroelectronics has now introduced two new Automotive Global Shutter image sensors for such applications.

In cooperation with the automotive software providers Jungo Connectivity and AutoSens, ST recently demonstrated at Electronica how the new sensors can be used to create the prerequisites for next-generation driver assistance system applications. Jungo's driver monitoring software uses the images from the ST image sensors to monitor the positions and movements of all people in the vehicle, obtain information about the driver's condition, and simultaneously detect the position and movement of all other vehicle occupants. The demonstration underscored the possibilities for improving interactions between autonomous and human drivers and at the same time demonstrates how occupant monitoring creates better possibilities for increasing comfort and safety.

The sensors are currently being sampled. Together with key customers, ST is working to enable their use in new driver assistance systems for the next vehicle generations.

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