Imaging radar chip delivers high-res 4D point cloud for car safety

June 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
imaging radar
Israeli startup Vayyar has launched a radar chip that enables in-cabin passenger location and classification, occupant size, vital sign and posture analysis, as well as 360° exterior mapping, including monitoring cars, objects and pedestrians around a vehicle.

The company’s single-chip imaging radar constructs a real-time, high-resolution 4D visualization of both in-cabin and car exterior environments through the acquisition of dynamic point clouds. A single chip point cloud can display the dimension, shape, location and movement of people and objects, enabling the complete classification of the car’s environment, regardless of bad lighting or harsh weather conditions.

In-cabin solutions include seat belt reminders, optimized airbag deployment, gesture control, driver drowsiness alerts, and infant detection alarms, even if the infant is covered by a blanket or hidden in a car seat or in the foot well. Vayyar’s exterior solutions map and classify the car’s surroundings to enable enhanced parking assistance, blind spot detection, lane switching assistance, automatic speed and distance control, and alerts for height obstacles, obstructions and more.

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