Inductive position sensor for high-speed traction motors

December 18, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Inductive position sensor for high-speed traction motors
Innovative sensor IC offers cost, size and weight advantages over resolvers.

The Austrian sensor and semiconductor manufacturer ams has introduced an inductive position sensor for high-speed electric motors in automobiles and industrial machines. The chip offers the same accuracy and latency as the resolvers commonly used for high-speed motors in solutions for determining the rotor position with the AS5715. However, it should enable considerable savings in material costs, size and weight. The IC is based on an ASIL-C implementation in accordance with ISO 26262; redundant implementations thus allow solutions to be developed that correspond to the highest ASIL-D safety level.

The introduction of inductive position sensors in semiconductor technology, as in the IC at hand, is a further step towards the electrification of automotive systems, e.g. power steering, as well as drive systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. The AS5715 inductive sensor is largely configurable and can be used in topologies at the end of the shaft or next to the shaft as well as with many types of motors with multiple pole pairs.

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