Industry group calls for coordinated steps in autonomous driving development

April 07, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Industry group calls for coordinated steps in autonomous driving development
The development of autonomous driving has led to a multitude of industry initiatives and development coalitions. This makes it increasingly difficult for stakeholders in the participating industries and political decision-makers to maintain an overview. The World Economic Forum, together with the technology network The Autonomous, has therefore published a guide that aims to provide clarity with a focus on the aspect of safety.

The white paper, entitled "The Autonomous Vehicle Governance Ecosystem: A Guide for Decision-Makers", provides orientation in the autonomous vehicle ecosystem. It outlines relevant alliances, standardisation bodies and collaborative platforms and highlights the importance of collaboration to overcome the hurdles in the development of safe autonomous driving.

The development of autonomous vehicle technology has led to a diverse and competitive ecosystem of companies, suppliers, chip manufacturers and software companies. In this ecosystem, individual groups of companies are working in parallel on similar technological solutions. With the increasing complexity of technological systems, there is a growing need to create uniform safety standards for autonomous systems.

Generally accepted technical principles will also increasingly be used by regulators to regulate autonomous vehicles. Within the ecosystem, an extensive network of initiatives and coalitions is now responding to this need for coordination. "With an ever-increasing number of alliances and consortia, it is becoming difficult for industry decision-makers to map the ecosystem, decide where to participate or how to leverage the expertise produced by these consortia," says Michelle Avary, Head of Automotive and Autonomous Mobility at the World Economic Forum. "Our white paper is intended to provide guidance to decision-makers from industry and the public sector."


Notwithstanding the intense competition in the automotive industry, collaboration across all companies and supply chains is "the only way to address the biggest challenge of autonomous driving - ensuring safety," says Ricky Hudi, Chairman of The Autonomous. Hudi is highly respected in the industry: As Executive Vice President Development Electrics/Electronics at Audi AG, he drove the development of automated and automatic driving there until 2016.

The Autonomous sees itself as a global community that has set itself the goal of making autonomous driving safer. Initiated by the Austrian technology company TTTech Auto, the community aims to bring together as a platform for the entire autonomous mobility ecosystem. Members today include vehicle manufacturers Audi, BMW and Daimler, suppliers Aptiv, Bosch, Continental,

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