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March 16, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Infineon sees itself on the safe side with its Aurix safety microcontroller family
In the ongoing discussion about the right computing architecture for self-driving vehicles, functional safety is emerging as the paramount aspect. For this reason, Infineon regards itself as one of the winners of the tech trend towards the robot car. At Embedded World in Nuremberg, Infineon’s Senior Director Microcontrollers, Thomas Boehm explained the company’s strategy for its Aurix family of microcontrollers.
fail-operational architectures in selected areas will require hardware / software repartitioning on ECU and at E/E level. And over-the-air software update concepts, currently under development across the automotive industry, will enable remote software updates but require end-to-end security.

The latest Aurix version TC3xx can handle these challenges, Boehm assures. Its performance in applications rated at ASIL-D (the highest level of functional safety according to ISO 26262) has been more than tripled over the predecessor version, and it supports Gigabit Ethernet – an industry first, as Boehm points out. With its hardware security architecture, the Aurix family is ready to perform secure OTA software transfers.

Another capability that is playing a major role in automotive real-time computing is virtualization. This feature enables automotive electronics designers to implement control units not in hardware but instead in software, which is a precondition to centralize computing resources and to establish domain controllers, or even more so, vehicle central computers. The Aurix family does not have this capability, at least for the time being. The reason: No hypervisor software is available for the Aurix. “We do not have any use cases yet”, explained Boehm. “But in the future we certainly will consider this topic. Perhaps the next Aurix generation will have it.”

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