Infineon’s Ploss calls for a European way of digitisation

November 09, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Infineon’s Ploss calls for a European way of digitisation
After an exceptionally difficult year, Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss sees grounds for cautious optimism. In the past fiscal year, the semiconductor manufacturer was severely affected by the corona crisis and with it the crash of the automobile market. The picture has brightened in key target markets, especially in electromobility. But Ploss sees the long-term challenges elsewhere.

Ploss describes the semiconductor manufacturer's prospects for the future as cautious optimism. In past year, the corona crisis caused blood-red figures to appear, especially in Infineon's most important sales market, the automotive industry - the industry's unit sales plummeted by 20 percent worldwide. If there is cause for optimism nevertheless, it is for several reasons: Electric mobility has recently gained considerable momentum in Europe, and even more so in China. The climate debate has contributed to this, not least. "The OEMs must meet ambitious CO2 targets," Ploss said at a virtual press conference. The vehicle for achieving these targets is electric mobility, because electric cars are known to produce no local emissions and thus help OEMs to reduce their fleet consumption. In addition, electric cars are gradually reaching customers - falling prices, increasing ranges and better charging networks are gradually making electric cars competitive over internal combustion engines from a practical point of view.

The growing popularity of electric cars is playing into Infineon's hands in two ways. Because serial production is gaining momentum among car manufacturers. Moreover, electric vehicles typically contain more, and more expensive semiconductor products than conventional cars, especially in the powertrain with its power modules and electronic controls. "The value of the semiconductor components in electric cars is about 80% higher than that of those with internal combustion engine," said Ploss.

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