Innoviz plans to massively slash costs with 2nd generation of its lidar sensors

October 19, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Innoviz plans to massively slash costs with 2nd generation of its lidar sensors
With the InnovizTwo model, the Israeli technology company Innoviz is bringing its lidar sensors into the second generation. The new automotive-grade solid-state lidar is intended to provide a fully-equipped solution for all stages of autonomous driving - at very low cost, the company emphasizes.

Although the automotive industry is on the way to a highly automated future, it will still take several years to achieve this goal. Today, even the most advanced L2+1 platforms still face technical limitations that lead to safety issues, hinder growth and make it impossible to achieve a higher level of automation in the long term. Only a few particularly advanced car manufacturers are able to make the quantum leap themselves that is required to offer L32 vehicles. To achieve this, engineers have to validate the technology in all driving scenarios over several years until they are ready to take full responsibility before launching an L3 vehicle on the market.

To enable a safer and smoother introduction of automation, the industry will need to introduce L2+ functionality, but with hardware that already supports L3 and L43 when they are brought to market. With more and more effectively equipped vehicles, automakers will be able to collect roadway data and release more advanced functionality to the same vehicles via over-the-air updates, with more and more functions being added to meet L3 and L4. To pursue this strategy, the hardware must meet more advanced technical requirements while remaining below the price point of today's L2 technology.

To enable the vision of highly automated driving, Innoviz has now introduced a new generation of its lidar sensor, the InnovizTwo.

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