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October 19, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Innoviz plans to massively slash costs with 2nd generation of its lidar sensors
With the InnovizTwo model, the Israeli technology company Innoviz is bringing its lidar sensors into the second generation. The new automotive-grade solid-state lidar is intended to provide a fully-equipped solution for all stages of autonomous driving - at very low cost, the company emphasizes.

It has always been the pioneers in the industry, such as BMW, who have set the standard for other players in the automotive sector by introducing the latest, most innovative technologies. For example, BMW has chosen to use InnovizOne via Magna as a Tier 1 supplier for its L3-L4 autonomous vehicle program in 2018. Almost three years later, the Israeli high-tech company InnovizTwo announces that Magna will be the Tier 1 supplier. The design of this lidar sensor should not only offer a cost reduction of more than 70% compared to InnovizOne, but also significant performance improvements. Samples of the sensor should be available in the third quarter of 2021.

The inclusion of Innoviz's high-performance lidar and its perception software in L2+ platforms will not only advance the automation of driving, but will also enable automakers, Tier 1 companies and other stakeholders such as Innoviz itself to collect data on their customer base. L2+ drivers will continue to be responsible for driving, but new features will be continuously validated, and later, when safety is statistically proven, it will be possible to upgrade the software to the full L3 version without hardware changes.

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