Instrument cluster runs in a virtual machine

June 07, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Instrument cluster runs in a virtual machine
At the 7th Annual Connected Car Conference in Detroit (USA), embedded software vendor OpenSynergy (Berlin) is demonstrating a virtual instrument cluster running on the COQOS SDK hypervisor from embedded software vendor OpenSynergy. The virtual instrument cluster has been contributed by HMI expert Rightware (Munich, Germany) and is based on the latter’s Kanzi user interface software.

This new approach has been realized by integrating the 3D instrument cluster, developed by Rightware with the Kanzi UI development tool, into a virtualized Linux guest in one of the VMs created by the COQOS Hypervisor. Some elements of the instrument cluster are safety-critical and require qualification up to ASIL-B, such as warnings information for failure of airbags, brakes, ABS, or engine. OpenSynergy has integrated a Linux subsystem in a second VM on COQOS Hypervisor. It is used to render all graphical elements for the instrument cluster, including the safety-critical tell tales. An RTOS subsystem also running in this VM is used to independently run and verify the safety-critical subset of the graphical elements rendered by Kanzi on Linux.

The COQOS hypervisor integrates 
Linux and RTOS on a single platform

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