Intelligent tachograph replaces several ECUs

September 10, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Intelligent tachograph replaces several ECUs
Continental’s new digital tachograph DTCO 4.0 brings trustworthy data into the supply and information chains of logistics. The integrated ITS interface supports transport planning and enables cooperating services. The device can also be used to simplify the electronic architecture of the truck.

In mid-2019, the new Tachograph Regulation (EU) 165/2014 will come into force in the European Union. All newly registered trucks must then have an intelligent digital tachograph on board. And this brings numerous functional enhancements. The connection to a satellite positioning system and the wireless transmission of data during road checks make life easier for freight forwarders and inspectors, and a new encryption system ensures greater security.

The tachograph experts at technology company Continental have long seen much more in the DTCO than just a recording device. "Telematics data can be compared with uncut diamonds. They have great potential, but are often not available in such a trustworthy and authenticated form that business relationships can be built on them," says Lutz Scholten, head of the Tachographs, Telematics and Services business unit at Continental. The DTCO 4.0 is intended to close this gap because it collects and processes the collected data according to the highest security criteria and can exchange it with authorized third parties.

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