IR laser targets short-range Lidars

February 03, 2020 //By Julien Happich
IR laser
With its SPL DP90_3 single-channel pulsed infrared laser, Osram Opto Semiconductors is offering a component that has been specially developed for high-resolution, near-field detection in lidar systems.

While long-range lidar is used to detect objects up to approximately 250 meters away, the immediate surroundings of the car must also be reliably captured by short- or mid-range lidar, which covers a distance up to approximately 90 meters from the vehicle. The SPL DP90_3 features improved beam quality from a 0.3x0.6mm footprint. The component exhibits an efficiency of around 30%, which helps reduce the overall cost of the system during operation. With an optical output of 65 Watts at 20A, the chip is well suited for capturing the immediate vehicle surroundings, ensuring high-resolution images for subsequent systems.

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