„ISO 26262 is not perfectly designed for Artificial Intelligence“

May 28, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
„ISO 26262 is not perfectly designed for Artificial Intelligence“
The automation of driving requires an immense amount of software in the vehicles, also and above all in the area of sensor data fusion. The software company Baselabs has gained a strong position in this area. With Baselabs co-founder and director customer relations Eric Richter, eenews Europe talked about the software requirements and the role artificial intelligence will play in cars.

eeNews Europe: What exactly does Baselabs do? Do you produce development tools, or does your software run as middleware directly in the cars?

Eric Richter: Baselabs sees itself as a software producer, especially for autonomous driving. This means that we provide tools and libraries that enable our customers to develop their systems for autonomous driving faster and more efficiently.

eeNews Europe: Libraries - that is, ready-made modules and function blocks that contain their own functions, so that they don't just help developers write software themselves?

Richter: Exactly. The libraries already contain a lot of functionality, many algorithms, especially for data fusion. Because a core technology, the heart of autonomous driving, is recognition and perception of the vehicle environment in order to derive actions from it: Braking, accelerating, changing lanes, etc. All this is recorded by the environment sensors. The big task to be solved is to combine the variety of sensors - radar, lidar, cameras, etc. - with each other. This is data fusion. This is the core of our software and it runs directly in the cars.

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