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September 23, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
IT security becomes essential feature for cars
The development in the automotive industry clearly shows that the car is increasingly becoming a mainstream IT object, widely defined by software. Therefore, IT security is becoming a design goal and an elementary ingredient of the design process.

to protect ECUs, on-board networks and external vehicle interfaces ranging from OBD to mobile radio. Available measures include, hardware security modules at the ECU level, cryptographic verification codes for the data networks, and automotive-specific firewall solutions for the separation between infotainment and safety-relevant components, to name just a few examples. But beyond these measures, the software update capability for cars is essential. Here, automotive-specific software-over-the-air (SOTA) solutions would help protecting the vehicles throughout their entire product lifecycle”.

How one looks at it, automotive cyber security is a hot topic that keeps electronics and software developers busy across the entire value chain. Industry experts will discuss the topic in detail during the Cyber Security Meeting, taking place from September 28 trough 29 in Dresden, Germany. The event will be organised by the renown British expertise provider Automotive Knowledge Asscoiates. Presentations from experts deeply involved into to security design and concepts will provide detailed insights to the members of the R&D community. The spectrum of presenters ranges from automotive software companies such as Elektrobit and Escrypt to chipmakers like NXP and to experienced IT consultancies like McKinsey and CSC.

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