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July 01, 2020 //By Julien Happich
AI for automated driving
Continental continues its long-standing PRORETA research cooperation with international universities under the slogan "urbAn drIving".

The algorithms based on artificial intelligence should be able to correctly recognize and interpret these types of complex traffic scenarios, resulting in correct driving decisions being made. A sub-area of this will be to observe how a human driver reduces and assesses the complexity of the environment. The learning-capable algorithms of the PRORETA 5 project will be trained in accordance with similar principles in order to achieve a driving performance comparable to that of humans.

At the University of Bremen, PRORETA 5 will add special expertise in the area of environmental detection through sensor data fusion. Amalgamated under the technical term “cognition”, these are all processes associated with perception and recognition. In turn, TU Iaşi in Romania is focusing on predicting the behaviour of other road users. The team at TU Darmstadt is focusing on the topics of systems and safety engineering, trajectory planning and control technology.

In the meantime, PRORETA has reached the second milestone: The first measurement campaign to record training data in the prototype vehicle with Continental software and hardware is currently underway in Bremen. The vehicle, which was initially trained in Bremen, will be handed over to TU Darmstadt for further test drives during the course of the project.

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