Leddartech boosts tech portfolio with software takeover

July 08, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Leddartech boosts tech portfolio with software acquisition
The Canadian lidar specialist Leddartech has announced the acquisition of the Israeli software house VayaVision. The company plans to combine its own hardware and VayaVision’s software to form a production-ready platform.

LeddarTech serves automotive Tier 1 and 2 system integrators with an open automotive and mobility sensor platform. Central and strategic element of its product range is its lidar-based LeddarEngine, a SoC, which enables a specific processing and evaluation of the lidar signals. There is a broad consensus in the industry that the lidar technology in the sensor mix is indispensable for applications of the autonomy levels L3 to L5.

The combination of the different signals from this sensor mix (sensor fusion) requires the costly development of complex electronic systems. The development time to marketability as well as costs and risks increase. By integrating VayaVision's technologies, products and expertise, LeddarTech hopes to accelerate development on the customer side while significantly reducing costs and risks. The software stack for sensor fusion and perception, which is scalable from a single sensor to combinations of multiple sensors, is also hardware and operating system independent.

The deep-tech start-up VayaVision is considered a pioneer in the field of sensor fusion and offers automotive industry players solutions for autonomy levels L2 to L5 - i.e. from ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to AD (fully autonomous driving). VayaVision's team consists of experts in machine and computer-based image processing and artificial neural networks.

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