Leoni makes cable loom smart

April 09, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Leoni makes cable loom smart
The Internet of Things turns all conceivable sensors and devices into data sources. Now the wiring itself is also becoming intelligent: the cable manufacturer Leoni AG has developed a technology with which various parameters such as temperature or mechanical stress can be recorded and evaluated along any cable system. For the first time not only the network becomes intelligent, but also the network itself.

The LEONiQ technology, described by Leoni as a key technology, makes the cable itself a data source and thus enables conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the entire cable system and its control. With this development, the cable manufacturer wants to position itself as a technology partner for various industrial sectors, especially the automotive industry.

LEONiQ technology comprises three main elements:

1) System simulation for energy and data transmission: LEONiQ enables digital functional simulation of cable solutions in the early development phase in order to design them in the best possible way for the respective application.

2) Sensor-integrated, intelligent connection solutions: In system-critical applications, new monitoring functions can be integrated along the cable system using sensory and electronic elements. These continuously record various parameters such as temperature, tightness, mechanical stress or GPS position.

3) Data Analysis and Smart Services: Algorithms in the cloud analyze the collected data that the user can view in the context of a dashboard - almost in real time if required. This process enables a range of data-based smart services such as early warning systems, active system control or precise recommendations for action.

This results in greater transparency of the correspondingly equipped cable systems, no matter in which application. In addition, the collected data is fed back into the functional simulation models. Thanks to this control loop, the manufacturer can continuously optimize all intelligent cable solutions in a kind of learning system.

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