Lexus brings digital exterior mirrors to Europe

February 12, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Lexus brings digital exterior mirrors to Europe
Cameras instead of exterior mirrors: In the ES 300h model, Lexus replaces the conventional exterior mirrors with cameras for the first time in a large-series vehicle. Their images are transmitted to high-resolution monitors in the interior. The innovation offers better driving safety and at the same time reduces drag.

According to the manufacturer, the camera/monitor combination offers improved visibility of the area behind and immediately next to the vehicle under all driving conditions, while eliminating blind spots. Thanks to the automatic wide-angle function, turning and reversing becomes more comfortable and safe.

The design requires less head movement than conventional exterior mirrors to keep an eye on the vehicle's surroundings. The two five-inch colour monitors are positioned at the foot of the A-pillars, at the same height as the exterior mirrors, and are therefore within the intuitive field of vision.

The cameras are mounted in slim aerodynamic housings that are significantly smaller than conventional mirror housings. This helps to reduce wind noise and increases the driver's field of vision at an angle to the front. An integrated heating function prevents freezing and fogging, and the arrangement protects against raindrops and snowflakes. The driver can activate the de-icing function at the touch of a button. The system also has an automatic dimming function to reduce glare from following vehicles in the dark.

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