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February 12, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Lexus brings digital exterior mirrors to Europe
Cameras instead of exterior mirrors: In the ES 300h model, Lexus replaces the conventional exterior mirrors with cameras for the first time in a large-series vehicle. Their images are transmitted to high-resolution monitors in the interior. The innovation offers better driving safety and at the same time reduces drag.

When the driver uses the turn signal or engages reverse gear, the digital rear-view mirror system automatically provides an enlarged field of vision of the area next to and behind the vehicle. When the driver changes direction, lane or parking manoeuvre is complete, the system automatically returns to the default setting. The driver can also select the wide-angle view manually or deactivate the function.

For safe manoeuvring of the vehicle, for example when parking, the monitors display auxiliary lines when reverse gear is engaged, showing 20 and 50 cm lateral distance to the rear bumper and 50 cm distance to the sides of the vehicle. They are not only visible on the camera's live images, but also on the multifunction display, which shows a bird's eye view of the vehicle.

This display is also active at higher speeds. The help lines help to estimate the safety distance to other road users. If the car is travelling at up to 70 km/h, the lines show a distance of five, ten and 15 metres; at higher speeds there is an additional line for a distance of 30 metres.

The ES300h will be demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show; the market launch is scheduled for April. In Japan, Lexus has already had this technology in series production since 2018.


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