LionVolt gets €4 million seed capital for novel solid-state lithium battery

November 22, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LionVolt gets €4 million seed capital for novel solid-state lithium battery
European battery start-up LionVolt (Eindhoven, te Netherlands) has successfully closed a seed round of €4 million, bringing its total funding this year to more than €5 million. The round was led by deep tech venture capital firm Innovation Industries and joined by Brabant-focused startup fund Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and investor Sake Bosch.

The company has set itself an ambitious goal: it wants to develop a solid-state lithium battery that will be more efficient and sustainable than any lithium-ion battery currently on the market. The capital injection now raised will be used for this development. LionVolt’s technology promises to deliver higher energy density, faster charging, and a longer lifespan – leading to fewer batteries used (and disposed of) over time. The LionVolt battery is intended to power technology in several industries, including electric vehicles (EVs) and aviation, but also consumer products such as wearable devices.

Backed by more than seven years of R&D at the TNO Holst Centre research institution, LionVolt is developing a 3D, solid-state, lithium metal battery. Its mission is to introduce next-gen batteries that are energy-dense, fast charging, safe, and efficient while being more environmentally friendly than today’s lithium-ion batteries. LionVolt’s design goal is creating a battery that is 100% safe, weighs 50% less and provides 200% improved performance compared to the most advanced lithium-ion batteries available today. On its website, the company is envisaging a battery type with an energy density over 450 Wh/kg, fast charging time and no heavy metals.

“This is an exciting milestone for LionVolt,” remarked LionVolt CTO and co-founder Dr Sandeep Unnikrishnan. “We are creating batteries that will transform the energy sector in terms of safety, energy density and performance. LionVolt is proud to continue its game-changing innovation from the Brabant region.”

“LionVolt’s new technology will provide consumers with better, longer-lasting batteries while also contributing to the adoption of exciting technologies like wearables and electric cars,” advertises Nard Sintenie, partner at Innovation Industries. “

“LionVolt is a strong example of the innovation occurring in the Brabant region of the Netherlands,” added Jurgen van Eck of the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). “The BOM invests in Lionvolt because the company has enormous potential. Almost 80 percent of the supply

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