Low-noise sensor signal processing with SENT interface

February 25, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Low-noise sensor signal processing with SENT interface
With the E520.47, Elmos Semiconductor AG introduces a sensor signal evaluation IC with SENT interface that supports simultaneous signal processing of two resistive sensor bridges. The IC has been developed to meet the requirements of automotive applications. Possible fields of application are brake, sensor, MEMS p sensor applications and the evaluation of resistive bridge sensor signals.

The E520.47 provides low-noise sensor-signal conditioning with two single 15-bit delta sigma ADCs for two resistive bridge sensors, including compensation and linearization. Two additional temperature channels with 14-bit Delta-Sigma ADC allow precise acquisition and linearization of different temperature sensors. In addition, the IC integrates internal sensor and self-diagnostics. The sensitivity range is 3 - 112 mV/V. The IC offers a 10-stage coarse gain and a 31-stage coarse offset adjustment.

All compensated and linearized sensor data are available at the digital SENT interface output. The SENT pin allows serial I/O communication, allowing true 1-wire end-of-line configuration and calibration. Alternatively, an additional I2C interface provides faster access to sensor, diagnostic, calibration and configuration data. A calibration toolkit, including practical software, is provided.

The E520.47 has been developed in accordance with ISO26262 to meet functional safety requirements in the system up to ASIL C. The E520.47 has been developed in accordance with ISO26262. The IC is available in a QFN20L4 package or as a bare die IC.

More information: sales@elmos.com or https://www.elmos.com/english.html

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