Lumotive drives competitiveness of lidar sensors into a new dimension: Page 2 of 2

May 18, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Lumotive drives competitiveness of lidar sensors into a new dimension
With the presentation of its first commercial solid-state lidar sensors, start-up company Lumotive has further advanced the development of its technology towards economically viable series application in driver assistance systems. In the medium term, Lumotive is aiming at even more areas of application - outside the car.

Also, the automotive market is not so homogeneous that it could manage with a single type of sensor: In addition to sensors for sophisticated ADAS systems, which are intended to relieve the drivers of conventional vehicles of their tasks, but not replace them, Colleran sees a separate market for completely self-driving vehicles for taxi and delivery services. These move more slowly and are subject to certain restrictions (route, surroundings), but without a human driver. The requirements for these sensors are therefore different from those for ADAS.

Size comparison: Prototype, commercial product today, goal (smartphone)

In addition, Lumotive also intends to enter the numerically promising market of consumer devices, especially smartphones, in the medium term. However, this would require a further significant reduction in the size of the technology.

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