Magna partners with Innoviz on Lidar technology

December 21, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Magna partners with Innoviz on Lidar technology
Expertise in the infrared-based Lidar sensor technology is currently in high demand in the automotive industry. Indicators are increased funding and collaboration activities in this market segment. The latest one: The Canadian automotive supplier Magna International and Israel-based startup Innoviz Technologies said they are partnering to deliver Lidar remote sensing solutions for the implementation of autonomous driving features and full autonomy in future vehicles.

Recognizing that Lidar is imperative for achieving the desired levels of performance and safety, Magna selected Innoviz's technology to be integrated into its autonomous driving systems to provide a complete sensor-fusion solution to automakers.

According to Magna, Innoviz offers a comprehensive market solution that is driven by a unique hardware architecture and innovative software technologies. Innoviz’ high-definition, solid-state Lidar enables 3D remote sensing to produce accurate real-time images of the vehicle's surroundings while meeting automotive standards and significantly reducing cost and size. In contrast to solutions currently on the market, the Innoviz Lidar can be integrated into any vehicle and is designed to effectively manage changing light and weather conditions.

High resolution, long range, no moving parts make
Innoviz' Lidar sensors attractive for automotive deployment

"We are pleased for the opportunity to partner with Innoviz, as we have confidence in their multi-disciplinary team and this gives Magna a full suite of sensing systems – camera, ultrasonic, radar fusion, and Lidar – to complement our autonomous vehicle capability," said Swamy Kotagiri, Magna Chief Technology Officer.

"The integration of Lidar into driving systems is pivotal to enabling full autonomy and in ensuring a comprehensive sensing solution that satisfies the highest safety standards. The cooperation with Magna affirms Innoviz's technology and product capabilities as well as our ability to adhere to Magna's high bar on safety requirements," said Omer Keilaf, Co-Founder and CEO of Innoviz.


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