Marelli Motorsport and 1NCE marry telemetry data, mobile networks

June 08, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Marelli Motorsport 1NCE marry telemetry data, mobile networks
Marelli Motorsport, the motorsport division of automotive supplier Marelli, and IoT network service provider 1NCE are collaborating to develop real-time tracking solutions for the world of motorsport. In this context, are relying on mobile networks to transmit this time-critical data.

Marelli Motorsport develops electronic and electromechanical systems for two- and four-wheeled racing vehicles. Its customers include top teams in motorsport world championships such as Formula 1, Formula E, the World Endurance Championship or MotoGP. In addition to on-board systems, Marelli Motorsport supplies technologies for the connected race track.

Currently, the former Italian and now Japanese-owned company is working on the development of new telemetry systems to collect real-time vehicle and engine data, such as longitudinal and lateral acceleration, speed, engine temperature, RPM, alarms or remaining fuel. For the transmission of this time-critical data, Marelli wants to use mobile radio technologies for the first time, because unlike other connectivity solutions, mobile radio does not require the construction of new, individual network infrastructures with all the associated costs.

This is because today in Motorsport either use WiFi or proprietary radio networks are used which in both cases need to have local deployment on the racing track, which in turn involves quite high costs each time. Every time a racing team gets to a new track, they today need to physically deploy cables, internet access points and other equipment to manage the local network. On top of this the issue is that sometimes not the whole track is well covered, so no actual real-time data can be performed.

In contrast, standardised mobile networks already exist worldwide and can be used immediately for device communication from sensors in racing environments. This should also help Marelli customers: Once developed, telemetry solutions can be immediately deployed worldwide without depending on local conditions at each venue.

What was missing until now was a globally standardised offering that allows customers to easily implement mobile connectivity in their products. As a technology partner of Deutsche Telekom and with its own cloud-based IoT platform, the new partner 1NCE is to act as a link between mobile networks and modern cloud environments 1NCE is considered an expert in IoT network services.

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