Matrix chip implements smart LED headlight

September 25, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Matrix chip implements smart LED headlight
Osram has taken an important step towards intelligent lighting technology for vehicles. The company has developed a hybrid LED with 1024 pixels that can be controlled individually. This makes it possible to dynamically shape the cone of light in such a way that the driver has optimal lighting conditions at all times without dazzling oncoming traffic.

Osrams Eviyos prototype matrix LED is based on the research project µAFS, which was completed in the autumn of 2016 and in which various partners from the industrial sector were involved under the coordination of Osram Opto Semiconductors. The prototype combines two technologies in one component: the light-emitting chip and the control electronics for the individual pixels. This combination allows the 1,024 pixels of the Eviyos including drivers to fit on approx. 4 mm x 4 mm. Customers can vary the number of hybrid LEDs in the application and supplement them with conventional LEDs, depending on which requirements are to be met.

The light source should have a minimum luminous intensity of 3 lm at 11 mA per pixel. The pixels can also be dimmed. Because only the luminous dots that are switched on at any given time always light up, the system has a high energy efficiency - at least higher than systems in which all pixels are permanently switched on and the optical activation or deactivation is carried out by an LC intermediate layer.

Osram wants to launch the controllable multi-pixel light source in early 2020. The company plans to develop a complete product family with different features. The technology could also be used in other areas of application where intelligent control and targeted lighting control are important.

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