Matrix headlight has more than 25.000 pixels

September 23, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Matrix headlight has more than 25.000 pixels
The race for the highest resolution in LED matrix headlights for cars continues: one week after Infineon and Nichia announced the development of such a 16,000 pixel LED matrix, competitor Osram is now giving an insight into the development of a corresponding model with 25,600 pixels on a single chip. With this component, car manufacturers can develop multifunctional, intelligently controllable headlamps that can do more than just illuminate the road ahead.

With the "Eviyos 2.0", Osram is announcing a successor to its Eviyos matrix LED, which was unveiled about two years ago. With dimensions of just 40 mm2 and a pixel pitch of just 40 µm, the new chip makes it possible to build particularly space-saving headlamps. The high number of controllable individual LEDs enables the chip to develop headlights that can also be used to project warning notices, symbols or other information onto the road. This would not least enable communication between self-propelled cars and other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles with human drivers - a topic on which the developers of robotic taxis and self-propelled trucks are already racking their brains. Other options are also possible with the new "HD light" - for example, car manufacturers could use it to develop sophisticated lighting welcome scenarios.

Last but not least, matrix headlamps are more energy-efficient than conventional headlamps that illuminate the entire road: Because only the activated pixel LEDs consume electricity, the headlamps' energy requirements are reduced - an aspect that is particularly important in electric vehicles.

However, the technology will not be available tomorrow: The first generation of the hybrid LED Eviyo with 1024 individually controllable pixels will be available at the beginning of next year; the second generation - the one with 25,600 pixels - will be available from 2023.


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