Mercedes adds pothole warning to Car2X functionality

August 11, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Mercedes adds pothole warning to Car2X functionality
Large potholes are a safety risk: if drivers do not recognise these road defects in time to avoid them, tyres and wheel suspensions can be damaged. Mercedes-Benz is now equipping certain models with enhanced C2X (or V2X) functions - the vehicles can thus warn each other.

New versions of the C- and S-Class as well as the electric SUV EQS can detect potholes or speed bumps with their sensor technology. If the chassis control unit registers such an event, this is sent to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud in real time via the mobile network, together with position data, if the "Car2X Communication" service is activated. Other vehicles in the vicinity are informed and the events are displayed with icons on the navigation map. Around ten seconds before the relevant section of road is reached, an acoustic warning is issued and an icon is highlighted visually.

The models in question can detect potholes when a certain threshold value is reached during sudden extension and compression, and this is also the case on the rear axle after the front axle with a certain time delay. A similar algorithm is used to detect speed bumps: Here, detection takes place via the sequence of inward and outward deflection.

Initially, only Mercedes vehicles are capable of receiving these real-time warnings - but this capability is not limited to the current models. Cars built as early as 2016 are already set up for this functionality. Prerequisites are a Mercedes me account as well as the activation and online availability of the Car2X Communication service. In these vehicles, the voice output "Traffic event ahead" warns. In the new C- and S-Class as well as in the EQS, the acoustic warning is "Attention, pothole!" and "Attention, speed bump" respectively. The warnings are available immediately in selected markets worldwide and in all 36 languages known to the infotainment system.

Another "Car2X" function uses information from the Crosswind Assist: If this assistance system becomes active in a strong crosswind, it supports the driver via targeted braking or steering interventions and sends this to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud. Following drivers can thus be specifically warned

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