Micronas certifies magnetic sensor family for ASIL-B

May 25, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Magnetic sensor family complies with ASIL B
TDK Corp. has qualified its Micronas 3D HAL direct-angle sensor family HAL 37xy (HAL 37xy, HAR 37xy and HAC 37xy) with regard to Functional Safety. All members of this family are now defined as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) ASIL B-ready according to the ISO 26262 standard.

The HAL 37xy is used in automotive applications such as accelerator pedals, electronic throttle control, gear selectors or in steering systems for the rear axle. In addition, the sensors detect the position in applications such as clutch or brake pedals, transmission systems, cylinders and valves.

The unique selling point of TDK's 3D HAL technology is the implementation of vertical Hall elements in the standard CMOS process. This made it possible to determine the relative magnetic field strength from both the horizontal and vertical components - the key to highly accurate angle measurement. Conventional, one-dimensional Hall technology only measures the magnetic field components running at right angles to the chip surface. With the HAL 37xy, TDK offers three different direct-angle sensor variants: the proven HAL 37xy sensor family, a version with redundancy function through two integrated dies in one housing (HAR 37xy) and sensors with integrated capacitors (HAC 37xy).

The robust HAL 37xy direct-angle sensor family offers high temperature stability and tolerance to air gap changes and magnet ageing in combination with a wide range of diagnostic functions. HAR 37xy is the dual die version of the HAL 37xy family. It offers complete redundancy by means of two independent dies positioned one above the other in a single housing and contacted on opposite sides. The advantage of this stacked die method is that the two sensor chips measure approximately the same magnetic field and thus identical output signals are achieved. Sensor solutions with redundancy function - integrated in a single housing - reduce costs while increasing the reliability of the overall system due to saved solder contacts. The HAC 37xy integrates a chip from the HAL 37xy sensor family and two capacitors with up to 330 nF in a TO package with three pins for ESD immunity of up to 8 kV. The housing pins can be welded or soldered directly onto a punched grid. The elimination of a printed circuit

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