Midsize EVs platform targets drive range over 500km

August 20, 2019 //By Julien Happich
drive range
According to a report from Nikkei xTech, Honda Motor is to develop a new platform for electric vehicles (EVs), with the aim to achieve a drive range over 500km.

The platform will be targeted at midsize vehicles and mostly rear-motor, rear-wheel-drive vehicles, according to the report which anticipates the platform could be ready by 2022. Honda aims to increase the ratio of EVs to all the vehicles that it sells in the global market to about 15% by 2030 and the platform will have a role to play in this goal.

The report notes that Honda has been considering EVs as vehicles for travelling short distances and fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) as the optimal solution for middle-to-long distances. To cover middle-to-long distances, EVs equipped with many large-mass batteries are considered inefficient by Honda which describes them as vehicles for carrying batteries.

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