Mobileye develops single-chip supercomputer for autonomous driving

January 04, 2022 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Mobileye develops single-chip supercomputer for autonomous driving
With the EyeQ Ultra, Intel subsidiary Mobileye unveiled a high-performance system-on-chip developed specifically for autonomous driving at CES. At the same time, the company announced cooperation with a number of car manufacturers, including Ford, Volkswagen and Geely's electric brand Zeekr.

The processing of sensor information for automated driving places the highest demands on the processors entrusted with this processing and their architectures: within a very short time, the systems must process signals from different sources and with different data structures, prepare them, create a detailed situation picture and provide the basis for a safe driving decision. For this processing power, developers have put together systems-on-a-chip - complex, coordinated systems consisting of several different processors, each optimised for a specific purpose.

In this area, Mobileye has always been one of the leading technology suppliers, and while rarely does anyone in the auto industry talk about which technology suppliers they rely on, it is always clear that Mobileye, with its EyeQ family of computer chips, plays an important role in almost all major OEMs, at least in advance projects. At the CES in Las Vegas, Mobileye presented a new flagship of its EyeQs, the Ultra model. With its computing power of 176 Tera Operations per Second (TOPS), the chip is already in the top group of what is currently offered for comparable purposes. Developers consider the quotient of the consumed electrical power and the computing power to be at least as important. It gives an indication of the efficiency of these components - and it has to be high, because no carmaker wants to fit an energy guzzler under the bonnet.

According to the Mobileye, the EyeQ Ultra represents an evolutionary leap in the EyeQ SoC family and combines the performance of ten SoCs from the penultimate development stage EyeQ5 in a single chip. By using 5-nanometre process technology, EyeQ Ultra can meet all the requirements and applications of Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving, according to the manufacturer. At the same time, it avoids the energy consumption and costs associated with integrating multiple SoCs. Like its EyeQ

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