More powerful simulations through multiprocessor support

August 19, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
More powerful simulations through multiprocessor support
Design and development of complex embedded systems require very compute-intensive simulations. This particularly holds true for safety-relevant vehicle-based systems because the simulation has to include functional verifications with very high exactness. For this kind of simulations, development tool vendor dSpace is now offering a multiprocessor enhancement for its Scalexio simulation platform.

Users now can combine multiple existing Scalexio systems adding up the available computing power. The Scalexio processing units can be combined with existing HiL systems based on processor boards DS1005, DS1006 and DS1007. Thus, they can make the best use of the available infrastructure, advertises dSpace.

The central element in this system for the calculation of the simulation models remains the Scalexio processing unit. Scalexio systems can be interconnected by means of dSpace's proprietary Iocnet networking technology which enables exchanging very high data volumes at low I/O latencies. In addition, Iocnet simplifies establishing distributed I/O links across large distances. Iocnet represents an efficient inter-processor communication protocol, developed particularly for the requirements of distributed real-time simulation platforms. Users can configure the simulation model to be calculated on the multicore multi-processor platform by means of dSpace ConfigurationDesk. At the same time, ConfigurationDesk distributes the simulation models across the various processors involved. The system also offers the possibility to create filters to generate specific views of the total simulation model.

The new Scalexio multiprocessing option enables users to test ECU software across all vehicle domains and industries. All options to interconnect Scalexio and DS100x processor boards enable users to extend existing test configurations and thus meet rising test project requirements.

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