Multichannel LED driver enables innovative lighting effects

October 07, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Multichannel LED driver enables innovative lighting effects
A new 12-channel LED driver from STMicroelectronics provides the common power supply for combination rear lamps and vehicle interior lighting. The ALED1262ZT also offers new features for the implementation of complex innovative lighting effects.

The independent 7-bit PWM dimming for all channels of the ALED1262ZT enables flexible control of rear, brake and indicator lights with dynamic effects. Each channel provides a constant output current at 19 V for strings of multiple LEDs connected in series. The adjustment possibility from 6 mA to 60 mA guarantees a wide dimming range with a high maximum brightness. The LED lighting driver responds to I2C commands from a host microcontroller and provides two pre-programmed configurations for stand-alone operation for additional flexibility.

The ALED1262ZT's diagnostic functions, which include circuit break detection in LEDs and an over-temperature warning with shutdown function, ensure a high level of robustness and stability over a long period of use. The input voltage range from 5.5 V to 38 V enables use in systems that are supplied directly from the vehicle electrical system. In addition, the ALED1262ZT is designed for low-noise operation by slowly switching the individual channels on and off and the spread-spectrum clock to facilitate integration into the rest of the on-board electronics.

The chip has a thermally efficient 6.4 mm x 7.8 mm HTSSOP24 exposed pad package. Production has already commenced and the price is expected to be USD 1.00 (from 1,000 units).

ST supplies the Evaluation Board STEVAL-LLL002V1 for this device, which can be purchased directly from the chip manufacturer or from distributors. Designers can use it to explore the features of the ALED1262ZT and get a jump start for new lighting designs.

More information: ALED1262ZT

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