Multicore microcontrollers combine safety, security features

April 21, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Multicore microcontrollers combine safety, security features
For applications in vehicles where safety and security are paramount requirements STMicroelectronics has developed a series of multicore microcontrollers, the first products implemented in ST’s proprietary 40nm embedded Flash process.

Originally, automotive security was mostly localized to a few sub-systems, and its purpose was in the first place protecting engine parameters stored in Flash from being modified. Automotive security is now becoming pervasive and, in many cases, becomes mandatory. Security today extends to the hardware security module (HSM) system, targeting EVITA (E-safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications) Medium Class, which can be seen as an autonomous and isolated system, embedded into the microcontroller, handling all security operations.

Thanks to the space gain through the small 40-nm chip geometries, the new SPC58NE microcontrollers offer a memory size is large enough to accommodate vital programs and data – the multiple dual-issue cores on the chips come with up to 6 MB Flash memory and 768 kB RAM. In line with its target applications in automotive environments, the peripheral set includes, among others, eight CAN interfaces.

For the time being, the SPC58NE product line is available in BGA 292 and LQFP176 package configurations. KGD versions are planned in the near future.

For more information visit ST's product web site

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