New Schottky Barrier Diodes increase efficiency in cars

November 03, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
New Schottky Barrier Diodes increase efficiency in cars
Rohm Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) in the RBR series and RBQ series with 24 compact, highly efficient models. The new devices are ideal for protection and rectifier circuits in automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The RBR series products are primarily intended for use in automotive applications such as LED headlights and car accessories.

The RBR series now includes twelve new products in PMDE packages (six for automotive and six for consumer applications) with voltage ratings of 30 V, 40 V and 60 V and current ratings from 1 A to 40 A. Twelve 100 V products have been added to the RBQ series (six each for automotive and industrial applications), including both common cathode and single type versions with 45 V, 65 V and 100 V dielectric strength and 10 A to 30 A current ratings.

Diodes are used in a variety of circuits for rectification and protection. Since most applications require lower power consumption, SBDs are increasingly used. These are more efficient than other diodes. However, if the forward voltage (VF) is lowered to improve efficiency, the leakage current (IR) increases, which is inversely related to the VF. This increases the risk of thermal runaway. Therefore, it is critical to weigh both VF and IR when selecting SBDs for circuit design.

In response, Rohm has expanded its range of SBDs that balance small size with the low VF and IR characteristics required by the automotive industry. The proven RBR and RBQ series have been further expanded to include a range of compact high current and high voltage products that provide rectification and protection in a wider range of applications.

By introducing a new process, Rohm has been able to improve the performance of the chips in both SBD series by 25% compared to Rohm's conventional products. The RBR series features very low VF characteristics - the key to increasing efficiency. This makes it ideal for applications in the automotive industry as well as in consumer electronics where high efficiency is required. Twelve of the products feature a compact PMDE (2.5 mm × 1.3 mm) package, which reduces the mounting area by 42 % compared to existing products with SOD-123 (PMDU) packages.

The RBQ series offers low IR characteristics. These enable stable operation

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