NOR Flash supports data encryption for secure vehicles

June 16, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
NOR Flash supports data encryption for secure vehicles
With the acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Infineon gained additional expertise in memory solutions. With its new "Semper Secure" product family of NOR flash memories, the company is consequently combining its expertise in storage technology and chip security.

The fusion of NOR storage and security is based on the insight that connected systems must increasingly be protected against cyber attacks. End-to-end protection is therefore a growing concern for system providers, explained Rainer Hoehler, head of The Cypress Flash business unit (and now working for Infineon).

Semper Secure NOR flash memories are based on the intelligent memory architecture of Semper NOR flash; this architecture has proven itself with its robust functionality in practical use and is the first memory solution to combine the aspects of security against unauthorized memory access with functional security in a single NOR flash device. It thus offers the level of security and reliability required by connected automotive systems such as ADAS ECUs. For applications in industrial and communication systems the requirements are similar.

A secure NOR flash solution is especially important if the NOR flash is placed outside a processor, making it vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Semper Secure is the only NOR-Flash solution that provides a hardware-based root-of-trust, which allows a complete end-to-end protection, Hoehler claims. "The software code in the NOR memory of ECUs is often security-relevant; in addition, vehicle manufacturers want to protect this software against unauthorized readout and manipulation."

The integrated crypto engine is essential for the Semper Secure's high level of security.

The protection of memory contents is also gaining in relevance because the complex ECUs frequently used today in ADAS ECUs usually no longer have an integrated flash area. Therefore, the sensitive program code is stored in external NOR memories - and must then be encrypted accordingly. For this purpose, the storage controller also contains a crypto engine that even supports asymmetric encryption and the associated complex key management. Such a key management is also indispensable for software updates over the air (OTA) which are planned by most major carmakers for future vehicle generations.

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