NXP, AWS create cloud platform for vehicle data services

November 17, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
NXP, AWS create cloud platform for vehicle data services
To create new business opportunities for companies around mobility, chip maker NXP and cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) plan to create a cloud platform. This platform will provide the basis for data-based services and new applications that will help vehicle manufacturers to stand out from the competition.

As the automotive industry shifts its focus from the horsepower of a vehicle to its computing power - a process we are seeing across the industry - data will become the driver of future vehicle innovation. Expanded access to real-time data, secure connectivity to cloud services and optimised machine learning (ML) are the necessary ingredients to accelerate the shift to intelligent vehicles that improve over their lifetime through remote updates.

To realise the promising services of future networked vehicles, the automotive industry needs a compute solution with centralised access to vehicle-wide data that can work securely and cooperatively with the cloud. The planned integration of AWS edge and cloud services into NXP's new S32G vehicle network processor for service-oriented gateways is designed to address this challenge.

"We are excited to work with AWS to help our automotive customers accelerate their digital transformation by harnessing valuable vehicle data and providing edge-to-cloud services," said Henri Ardevol, executive vice president and general manager of automotive processing at NXP Semiconductors. "In this way, we can help them gain new insights from vehicle data, achieve continuous progress through machine learning and over-the-air updates, and ensure sustainable improvements throughout the vehicle lifecycle".

Real-time vehicle information enables a wide range of new use cases and services. For example, car manufacturers can monitor potential component failures before repairs are necessary and prevent costly warranty repairs and recalls, optimise the supply chain and improve the customer experience by reducing service visits.

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