Omnivision joins Nvidia Drive platform

April 13, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Omnivision joins Nvidia Drive platform
Digital imaging solution provider Omnivision has joined the Nvidia Drive autonomous vehicle ecosystem. At the opportunity of the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC), the company unveiled the first group of automotive image sensor families compatible with the modular Nvidia Drive AGX AI computing platform.

In detail, Omnivision introduced software drivers and camera modules using its OX08B40 image sensor for front-view automotive applications, including ADAS and Level 3+ autonomous systems. Likewise, drivers and camera modules are now available for its OX03F10 and OX03C10 viewing camera image sensors, allowing the development of surround view systems (SVSs), rearview cameras (RVCs) and e-mirror camera monitoring systems with Nvidia Drive. In addition, the OV2311 and a new 5Megapixel sensor are the exclusive driver monitoring system (DMS) image sensors for the Nvidia Drive Hyperion turnkey evaluation architecture.

“Our goal is to accelerate time to market for autonomous and ADAS applications by reducing the development effort and cost,” said Paul Wu, automotive staff marketing manager at OmniVision, adding that the company is also the sensor provider for driver and occupant monitoring systems on the next-generation Nvidia Drive Hyperion platform.

The Nvidia Drive AGX AI computing platform offers automotive designers the flexibility to use Nvidia hardware with its full stack Drive software, or develop their own custom software. The platform can be used for in-cabin as well as for autonomous driving applications. Regardless of the application, OmniVision offers platform software drivers for its image sensors, as well as complete camera modules that customers can easily connect to the Nvidia Drive platform for immediate evaluation. OmniVision also provides custom tuning services.

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As the industry’s first automotive image sensor with 140dB HDR, along with the best LED flicker mitigation (LFM) performance and high 8.3MP resolution, the OX08B40 enables superior front-view captures, almost regardless of external lighting conditions. This feature is powered by OmniVision’s on-chip HALE (HDR and LFM Engine) combination algorithm, which is simultaneously providing industry-leading LFM and HDR over the entire automotive temperature range.

Likewise, the OX03C10 and OX03F10 are still the world’s only automotive viewing camera image sensors to combine a large 3.0-micron pixel with the HALE algorithm for minimized motion artifacts and the best

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