Omnivision, Smart Eye roll comprehensive interior sensing solution

July 21, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Omnivision, Smart Eye roll comprehensive interior sensing solution
For driving autonomy levels 3 and higher, it becomes essential that the vehicle control systems are aware of driver status, seat occupation and, more generally, anything going on the vehicle’s interior. Now digital imaging provider OmniVision and Smart Eye who specializes in interior sensing AI, have teamed up to provide the automotive industry with a sweeping interior sensing solution.

The solution enables complete in-cabin monitoring with innovative features that bring the next generation of automobiles to a higher level of autonomy. The two companies have jointly announced a full interior sensing solution for automotive OEMs that enables complete driver and cabin monitoring with videoconferencing applications from a single RGB-IR sensor.

The solution is the first integrated video processing chain, which combines innovative features based on the OmniVision OV2312 RGB-IR sensor. Empowered by OmniVision’s OmniPixel3-GS pixel technology, the OV2312 is a 2.1MP, RGB-IR, global shutter image sensor that was designed specifically for interior applications.

Smart Eye’s AI-based technology tracks eye gaze, mouth and body key points of the driver as well as seat occupancy, objects and activities in a vehicle. It provides EuroNCAP performance linked with full cabin monitoring and driver monitoring, featuring distraction, drowsiness and incapacitated driver detection, combined with driver identification and spoof-proof processing. The cabin monitoring also includes out of position, seat belt status and forgotten baby detection. The action detection allows an understanding of occupant actions like driver hands on steering wheel, interaction with mobile device, calling, drinking, and eating. These actions may have an impact on the interaction between the vehicle and the occupant and will be a pre-requisite for higher levels of vehicle autonomy.

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