OPA-based solid state lidar reaches 100 meter range

August 04, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
OPA-based solid state lidar reaches 100 meter range
Lidar and automotive sensor technology provider Quanergy Systems has demonstrated a lidar sensor based on the Optical Phased Array (OPA) technology under difficult environmental conditions.

The demonstration was conducted in partnership with Zero Electric Vehicle Inc. (ZEV) from Tempe (Ariz. USA), a company that provides fleet electrification and EV platforms. For the test, a solid-state lidar test platform with single scanning beam was mounted on a vehicle, along with additional cameras to facilitate visual viewing. The test vehicle followed a target vehicle driving in bright sunlight at a variety of ranges--from a close proximity to a distance of 100 meters--while maintaining safety at all times. A target with 10% reflectivity was chosen to simulate very difficult-to-detect objects.

According to ZEV, Quanergy’s CMOS-based OPA technology has demonstrated significant improvement towards its adoption in long range automotive applications. ZEV President Jim Maury said he believes that Quanergy’s technology provides a reliable and cost-effective 3D Lidar solution that is critically important for the automotive industry.

Quanergy’s S3 Series lidar sensor features a unique electronic beam steering without moving parts that offers immunity to shock and vibration. The S3 Series is said to provide over 100,000 hours MTBF and it is targeting a price of $500 for mass-market production.

“We are very excited about this industry-first demonstration of 100-meter range achieved in full daylight with Quanergy’s OPA-based solid-state technology,” said Tianyue Yu, Quanergy Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, adding that the developer team is now working towards more aggressive performance targets, including longer range, increased vertical field of view and data rate.

In addition to advancing the OPA technology for automotive applications, Quanergy is currently quickly expanding its reach and bringing smart lidar solutions to many IoT applications. In addition to the strategic partnership with Sensata, Quanergy’s recent commercial IoT deployments include the selection by PARIFEX as exclusive supplier of long-range 3D Lidar for highway speed detection and enforcement in France and the first V2X Smart City deployment in Korea

In June, Quanergy entered into a merger agreement with CITIC Capital

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