Osram Continental presents replaceable LED headlight insert

February 18, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Osram Continental presents replaceable LED headlight insert
Osram Continental has introduced an exchangeable LED module for use in vehicle headlights. This eXchangeable Light Engine simplifies the integration of LED lighting solutions in entry-level vehicle classes and facilitates the replacement of defective LEDs, which was previously only possible with a great deal of effort.

The lighting specialist's goal is to create a new industry standard. LED headlights are to become the norm in automotive lighting - for significantly more safety when driving at night.

At a time when traditional headlamp technologies are gradually being replaced by LED systems, car manufacturers are facing high cost pressure. With the eXchangeable Light Engine, OSRAM Continental is meeting this challenge by making LED lighting available even for entry-level models and basic equipment. In this way, the company wants to further promote the overarching change to LED as standard lighting in the market.

The use of the eXchangeable Light Engine for all vehicle classes is made possible thanks to a modular and scalable product approach with three power variants for flexible headlamp design. In addition, the highly efficient thermal design contributes to the best possible system integration.

Osram Continental's eXchangeable Light Engine 

In addition to these benefits for the OEM, the eXchangeable Light Engine paves the way for drivers to have access to the best possible automotive lighting even in basic equipment, offering them a gain in light quality, safety and comfort. The previous lack of reparability had met with criticism among consumer organisations.

Some time ago, the two companies involved, Continental and Osram, announced the dissolution of the joint venture. The activities of the JV are to end next autumn. However, the developed products will remain available through the parent company Osram and will also be further developed, a company spokeswoman explained.

More information: www.osram-continental.com

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