Osram supplies OLED tail lights to BMW sports car

July 20, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
BMW M4 GTS rear view
The tail lights of the new BMW M4 GTS are provided by lighting company Osram. As the first OLEDs used in exterior lighting of a series vehicles, they are setting a highlight in the M4 GTS which has been introduced last April as a technology carrier by BMW with a production target of just 700 units. The organic tail lights take up very little space, opening up new design options for car manufacturers.

Together with automotive signal lights provider Odelo, Osram has created the first automotive OLED lighting for a production vehicle. The fanlike organic LEDs in the tail light on the M4 GTS emphasize the flatness of the light source and act as a design highlight, particularly when viewed slightly from the side, Osram enthuses. Besides their innovative design the OLED tail lights offer remarkable functionality: With a total of 15 OLEDs per tail light and a brightness of 1.200 cd/m2 they guarantee high visibility on the road and perform all the rear light functions.

The OLEDs act as a design highlight,
particularly when viewed slightly from the side

The thin layers of an OLED contain organic materials. They are enclosed by flat electrodes which serve as the electrical contacts. When power is supplied, photons are produced in the layers, causing the diode to emit light. Since OLEDs produce light in very thin layers they are ideal for flat and flexible lighting solutions. For example, 3D effects can be created by segmentation, in other words the close arrangement of switchable light surfaces next to one another. The possibility of controlling individual light modules separately opens up even more design options such as dynamic functionality. In addition to offering enormous flexibility of design, OLED technology consumes very little energy.


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