Parker Chomerics expands assembly services

April 13, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Parker Hannifin Corp.'s Chomerics Division has expanded its integrated assembly services for users of polymer-based EMI shielding solutions, thermal interface materials (TIM) and shielded optical display solutions. Chomerics serves customers in the electronics, automotive and aerospace value chain, among others

This simplifies the supply chain and reduces production risks associated with the use of complex materials. The integration of all Parker Chomerics' global design and production capabilities for shielding solutions, TIMs and optical display solutions enables major OEMs to work with Chomerics to produce fully integrated assemblies.

The Chomerics service positions itself as an alternative to the standard manufacturing model, in which an OEM procures highly developed materials such as thermal pastes, preformed/extruded/formed-in-place seals or specially designed plastic housings, installs the corresponding production systems and produces the entire unit in its own factory.

Chomerics' integrated assembly service replaces these processes. Instead, Chomerics takes care of the pre-assembly or application of its products into a housing, heat sink assembly or substrate and delivers a customer-specific product or subsystem according to customer specifications. The subsystem comprises the special materials for which Chomerics is known, such as engineering plastics, compounds and coatings, some of which require special processing to ensure quality and functionality.

By partnering with Chomerics to produce a finished assembly, OEMs:

  • Benefit from Chomerics' comprehensive technical expertise in dispensing and curing sophisticated materials such as form-in-place seals, one-component gels and electrically conductive plastics.
  • Reduce the complex material requirements of dozens of parts to a single storage unit (SKU).
  • Reduce inventory size and eliminate a level of inventory management.
  • Can rely on Chomerics' support to customer processes, such as the automotive PPAP program and aerospace/defense system certifications.

The global configuration of the Chomerics service allows customers around the world to design an assembly including EMC shielding solutions and TIMs and then assemble them in collaboration with Chomerics in either North America, Europe or Asia, depending on their requirements.

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