Peugeot, Vinci test L3/L4 handover scenarios

July 15, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Peugeot, Vinci test L3/L4 handover scenarios
Groupe PSA (Peugeot) and French motorway operator Vinci Autoroutes have entered into a new phase of their joint tests in the field of autonomous driving. The aim of the current tests is to improve a vehicle's ability to pass through a toll station at cruising speed in autonomous driving mode. Two new complex driving situations were tested under real traffic conditions on the motorway network operated by Vinci Autoroutes:

The new test scenarios included switching to manual from autonomous mode and vice versa in a traffic area temporarily changed by construction sites as well as the “Safe Stop” scenario: The vehicle drives to a safe place and stops there if the driver does not take the wheel again in a critical situation or at the end of the motorway. Examples of such situations are the sudden appearance of obstacles on the road or severe weather conditions. Both scenarios are among the "handover scenarios" currently being intensively tested in the entire automotive industry and are of central importance for autonomous driving in Level 3, but above all in Level 4.

The current tests were conducted on the A10 and A11 between Dourdan and Ablis with a prototype of the Peugeot 3008, which is part of PSA's autonomous vehicle fleet for the AVA "Autonomous Vehilcle for All" program.

Carla Gohin, Chief Technology Officer of Groupe PSA: "This test is another step in the development of the autonomous vehicle. Two years after the first tests, the declared goal was to include even more complex driving situations that require close communication between the autonomous vehicle and the road infrastructure in order to expand the system's scope of action while maintaining safety.

"Intelligent motorway infrastructure is an essential factor in the development of autonomous vehicles. It improves the context data shared with the navigation system in order to optimize the vehicle's decision-making ability and route," said Pierre Coppey, Chairman of Vinci Autoroutes and General Director of Vinci.

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