Pininfarina electric hypercar gets comprehensive connectivity

November 16, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Electric Pininfarina hypercar comes with comprehensive connectivity
A partnership between the Italian luxury car manufacturer Automobili Pininfarina and Deutsche Telekom gives owners of the new all-electric hypercar Battista the opportunity to access online services in more than 50 countries worldwide. Features include seamless roaming, software updates via the air interface and smart diagnostics.

The Battista - which according to the manufacturer is the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy - will be equipped with an integrated SIM card and roaming technology for optimised connectivity worldwide. With these components, a roaming partner network and the appropriate background control logic from Deutsche Telekom, the car's electronics can automatically search for the mobile phone network with the best reception and ensure that owners do not find themselves in dead spots when crossing national borders.

This connectivity also offers owners a high level of convenience through Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, ensuring that the vehicle always has the latest software. The system can individually update the software running on 26 electronic control modules, and therefore almost all the functions within the Battista, including the electric drive via four wheel-hub motors, the safety and driving dynamics functions, the overall vehicle control system, the infotainment system and a range of digital services. The software updates can be provided via WiFi when the vehicle is parked in the garage, for example, or on the road via the integrated SIM card and the respective mobile radio network.

A "digital concierge" also offers smart diagnostics functions that monitor the vehicle to detect potential problems before they occur. If the system identifies a problem that cannot be solved remotely via software update, Automobili Pininfarina even sends a team of technicians to resolve the problem regardless of the location of the vehicle.

A specially developed smartphone app ensures that Battista owners are always connected to their car. Customers can remotely unlock and lock the vehicle, view vehicle telemetry data, check the charge level and monitor the position of the Battista. On the road, drivers can seamlessly connect their smartphones to mirror key apps and functions within the vehicle, enhancing music streaming and real-time navigation features.

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