Polestar develops personalized, learning vehicle HMI

February 18, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Polestar develops personalized, learning vehicle HMI
Polestar, Volvo's brand for electric vehicles, is strengthening its collaboration with Google to improve the user experience in its vehicles. The company sees its Polestar 2 model as the first car on the market with Android-based software that integrates many Google features. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath's vision for the future: "We want to take the individualization and personalization of as many vehicle functions as possible even further.

 "We have already made it clear that we take digital networking seriously and are therefore open to working with experts in this field," says Ingenlath. This is to result in a new user interface that is largely based on Android and Google and adapts to the respective context. The integration of this operating software is expected to open up new possibilities in the car that go far beyond the individual adjustment of mirrors, seats, climate and entertainment settings of the driver, which are common today.

Ingenlath's vision is for the entire vehicle environment to automatically adapt to the personal preferences and most recently used applications and settings of each user. Information is tailored based on the detected driver profile, activated by the Polestar digital key, as soon as the vehicle is approached. The system could even proactively create plans that match the driver's habits or conditions - provided the driver gives permission.

Google Assistant is expected to become a co-pilot during the journey, constantly learning and even understanding local accents thanks to sophisticated language technology. Instead of pre-selected functions, the language assistant in Polestar 2 is based on the natural flow of speech and therefore continues to develop.

Infotainment should not only become more important while driving; while parking and while recharging the batteries, video streaming of popular apps and services should also be available to the occupants while parking and recharging the vehicle's batteries.

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