Poll: All drive systems of today will still be relevant in 10 years

October 20, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Poll: All drive systems of today will still be relevant in 10 years
Automotive supplier Bosch wanted to know: What types of drive systems do European citizens regard as relevant for the future? Gasoline, diesel, battery electric drive or fuel cell? Surprise: The balance will shift, but all four species will remain topical.

Electric cars with battery or fuel cell, but also gasoline and diesel - according to a representative Bosch survey in four European countries, conducted by the market research institute Innofact, all types of drive remain relevant.

If they had to decide on a new car tomorrow, half of those surveyed in Germany, France, Italy and the UK would still choose a pure combustion engine for their primary car and around a third for their second car. But when asked about the most-used drive system in 2030, around 68 % of those surveyed in Europe believe that electric drive will be the most popular, ahead of hybrids and internal combustion engines. Potential is attributed to electric driving with the fuel cell.

The openness of those surveyed to different types of drive is also evident in another topic: when asked whether, in addition to the state subsidies often granted for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, they also approve of purchase premiums for vehicles that run exclusively on combustion engines, 70 % of the Europeans surveyed said yes. Approval of state financial aid for the purchase of a car with conventional drive is highest in Italy (83 %) and lowest in the UK (60 %). In France 77 % are in favor, in Germany 62 %.

The Bosch experts find two things interesting: First, 72 % of the city dwellers in the four European countries surveyed consider the internal combustion engine worthy of support. Secondly, a majority (80 %) of the 18 to 29-year-old age group is also in favor of a combustion bonus.

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