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May 13, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Practical test proves advantages of platooning
Journeys with digitally networked trucks on motorways are safe, function technically reliably and can be used well in the everyday life of a logistics company: These are the most important results of the world's first practical test with truck platoons in real-world logistics operations, which the project partners recently presented.

The Fresenius University of Applied Sciences investigated the psychosocial and neurophysiological effects on drivers. The live experience has brought about a significant change in the drivers' attitude, some of which had previously been critical. "General feeling of safety and trust in the technology are reflected in the evaluation of concrete driving situations by the drivers. None is described as uncontrollable," says Prof. Dr. Sabine Hammer from the Institute for Complex Systems Research at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Vehicles passing through or entering by other road users were perceived as "unpleasant" but not critical. "Because of the system's fast response times, drivers would prefer a shorter distance of only 10-15 meters," says Hammer.

The cooperation partners were convinced that the potential of truck platooning could be further increased by further developments. In addition, new digital business models in logistics are conceivable.

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