Precision resistors for reliable electric cars

June 21, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Precision resistors for reliable electric cars
Chip resistors in thin-film technology ideally meet the requirements of electromobility for high precision and reliability. With its RG series, the Japanese manufacturer Susumu Co., Ltd. matches these requirements.

The use in vehicles demands a lot from the installed components: insensitivity to dirt, moisture and vibrations are just as much a part of this as low tolerances, low temperature coefficients and long-term stability of the electrical and mechanical parameters.

Thanks to their special passivation layer, the precision resistors of the RG family achieved a relative resistance temperature coefficient of only 5 ppm/K; the resistance value remains accurate to less than 0.1 percent over 10,000 hours of operation. Due to sophisticated manufacturing methods, the tolerance of the resistance value can be guaranteed within very narrow limits - versions with a tolerance of ±0.5 %, ±0.1 % and even ±0.05 % are available.

Due to their excellent high-frequency characteristics, these resistors are also ideal for use in infotainment and sensor applications and in driver assistance systems, as well as in applications with increased reliability requirements such as control units for drives and brakes.

Available for power ratings from 0.03 Watt to 0.25 Watt, these resistors can be used in a wide temperature range from -55°C to +155°C. Depending on the type, resistance values up to 5.1 M Ω are available; up to 10 M Ω are possible on request.

The thin-film chip resistors of the RG series are certified according to the automotive standard for passive components AEC-Q200.

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