PREEvision supports entry into Autosar Adaptive

May 27, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
PREEvision supports entry into Autosar Adaptive
With its model-based E/E development environment PREEvision, tool manufacturer Vector supports users in extending existing software and hardware architectures with the possibilities of the Autosar Adaptive Platform.

Autosar Adaptive is an extension of the Autosar automotive software framework to accommodate future developments in the automotive industry, such as driving automation, electrification and connectivity. Autosar Adaptive changes the E/E development in many aspects. The most important change is a service-oriented design that replaces signal-based communication. C++ instead of C as the programming language for applications and a Posix-based operating system such as Linux for ECUs are further significant changes.

Vector's model-based development environment PREEvision makes it easier for users to get started with Autosar Adaptive. PREEvision's comprehensive system approach allows easy integration of ECUs or Autosar Adaptive applications into existing E/E architectures. The same tools are used for the design as for Autosar Classic: The software diagrams also model the Adaptive applications, while the network diagram for the hardware allows the user to connect modern high-performance computers to the classic domain-specific ECUs via Ethernet. At the same time, PREEvision offers special tools for Autosar Adaptive: Service interfaces as basic building blocks for service-oriented architectures can be modeled in class diagrams. The newly introduced state diagram visualizes states and transitions for machines and processes.

The dedicated user interface of PREEvision leads the user step by step to an Autosar-compliant model. The Adaptive Explorer provides easy access to the tools needed for each design step: The modeling of services, service interfaces and applications, the provision of software and the instantiation of services cover service, software and communication design. The design of the network topology, the design and integration of the ECUs cover the hardware.

PREEvision design workflow for Autosar Adaptive

The user conveniently exports all relevant work products defined by Autosar Adaptive from the Autosar-compliant model; for example, the Service Interface Description, the Application Manifest or the Service Instance Manifest. Thus, PREEvision simplifies the cooperation between OEM and suppliers and can be easily integrated into existing Autosar and Automotive Ethernet tool chains.

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