Racing formula to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles to the racetracks

August 19, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Racing series for hydrogen vehicles to start in 2023
A grouping of German motorsport stakeholders and engineering companies wants to bring a new racing series for hydrogen-powered vehicles to the world's race tracks. In addition to the hydrogen drive, the series is to introduce further high-tech features such as steer-by-wire into racing. Plus, it is organised to build a bridge between real motorsport and sim racing, the virtual race on the computer.

Starting in 2023, the Hyraze League will be the first automobile racing series in the world to use hydrogen as an energy source. A locally almost emission-free form of motorsport will be created, which at the same time should drive forward the testing of new technologies. The races will be held with 800 hp hydrogen cars with all-wheel drive. The energy for the emission-free drive is supplied by hydrogen, which is converted into electricity for the four electric motors in the two fuel cells of the racing cars. The German motor sports club DMSB, the motoring club ADAC, the testing organization DEKRA, the racing sport engineering company HWA AG, the automobile supplier Schaeffler AG and the e-sports association WESA are behind the concept.

The Hyraze League does not only want to break new ground in the drive concept. Other sources of fine dust pollution are also to be eliminated with the new racing series, in order to give the whole thing an environmentally friendly coat of paint. For example, the brakes of the four-wheel drive vehicles are designed in such a way that the brake dust produced can be collected in the vehicle and subsequently disposed of in an environmentally neutral manner. Special tyres developed from rapidly renewable raw materials also ensure that tyre abrasion is minimised.

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