Radar scans environment in four dimensions

January 16, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Radar scans environment in four dimensions
At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) currently taking place in Detroit, automotive supplier Magna has introduced a radar technology that is said to leapfrog the competition as it includes a fourth dimension in its data acquisition: speed.

With a range of more than 300 meters, Magna's ICON radar (see video here) continuously scans the environment in four dimensions (distance, height, depth and speed). The advanced radar technology can detect and track almost 100 times more objects than competitive systems and individually classifies them. It is able to detect and communicate to the vehicle a rich topography of static objects such as guard rails, road debris and speed bumps, as well as a large number of tracked moving objects such as vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians and pets. 

Having the ability to distinguish smaller "objects" such as children and bicyclists in close proximity to larger, more easily detectable things such as parked cars and moving trucks is critical to the enhancement of safety ADAS features such as Automatic Emergency Braking and to further the progress toward full autonomous driving. It is this critical data and capability that keeps the software systems with information to continually improve vehicle intelligence and safety systems.

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